The DLC's Principles

The DLC is built on 3 core principles


A coalition of entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers in the UK are committed to making the digital economy work. But a new generation of leaders in tech and digital require access to current leaders for this to work.


Leaders in tech & digital will be increasingly important spokespersons as tech & digital move to dominate policy discussions, national economic initiatives, governmental regulation agendas and graduate employment strategies.


The DLC is a network of leaders in digital and tech who benefit from access to one another, and generate exciting opportunities for exposure, credibility and business.

Why the DLC exists

The DLC was created with one primary aim: to make the world of digital and tech more understood and more accessible. We give students and young entrepreneurs direct access to current leaders in the space, and help make a successful ‘career’ in the world of tech and digital more attainable.

To create the DLC, we listened to the views of a wide range of school-leavers, university students & universities, entrepreneurs, investors, tech platforms, digital agencies, brands, lawyers and policy makers. This eclectic range of parties are brought together at our DLC Events in order to create the most striking (and surprising) transfer of knowledge for current and future leaders alike.


List of upcoming DLC events

Art + Science of Storytelling

This session will bring together Senior Marketeers, Innovators and Thought-Leaders to explore how the right blend of Art and Science can help brands to identify, unlock and recruit new consumer networks, by unpacking the essential Read more…

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